Torrevieja Setting Standards for Health

June 2, 2008

The Valencian Health Agency has named Torrevieja Health Department the best in the region, in terms of quality of care and patient satisfaction.

The results of the latest executive report, ‘Quality of Patient Care 2007,’ as executed by the Valencian Agency for Health have recently been published, ranking Torrevieja in first place, ahead of all health departments throughout the Valencian Community. ‘Torrevieja Hospital, Departamento de Salud 22,’ received an average index score of over 98 per cent in terms of satisfaction, efforts made to improve service, information, accessibility and comfort to patients and their families. The Valencian Health Agency (AVS) conducts a similar study each year, from which data is compiled to create a detailed report regarding standards of health care received by residents across the community. The study relies entirely upon the opinions and experiences of those people for whom the service is intended, in the hope that improvements might be made to meet patient expectation.

Since its opening in October 2006, this is the first time that Torrevieja Hospital has been subject to the investigation, so to reach a conclusive position at the top of the scale is a huge achievement for all concerned.

The AVS conducted a survey of anonymous patients from each of the hospital’s main departments, comprising a series of 20 questions adapted to suit the needs of specific areas. These included inpatient and outpatient surgical departments; external appointments and consultations; obstetrics; accident and emergency; SAIP; paediatrics and ambulatory assistance. As well as securing the best average for the Valencian community, Torrevieja Hospital was awarded an unrivalled 100 per cent score with respect to the Balance of Satisfaction, or global level of approval of sanitary attention to its patients. Those receiving on-going treatment were asked to comment on whether they feel that the hospital has improved during the past twelve months, to which 89.63 per cent answered favourably. Further attention was afforded to the issue of patient access to information, including questions such as whether, on admittance to the hospital, details of procedure and hospital policy were explained clearly, reference given  to aftercare procedures which should be observed following discharge, and if all interventions were carried out with informed consent.  Torrevieja once again achieved strong commendation in the section, with 99.47 per cent of patients affirming that sufficient information was supplied.  Finally, with respect to the comfort and accessibility of the facilities, the hospital received 100 per cent in each case.

Each of the components of the study has since been culminated to provide a global average of quality, which in the case of Torrevieja resulted in an outstanding 98.28 per cent.  This far exceeded results obtained by each of the 22 remaining centres included in the study, the least satisfactory of which obtained an average 40 per cent.  A spokesperson from the hospital said that the Directors and Practitioners of the department are delighted with the results and hope to continue to set the standards for the Valencian community in years to come.

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