Promotions terms and conditions

Legal terms and conditions for promotional offers


“We publish your house in more than 200 real estate portals and sell it in 90 days. Agency specialised in Punta Prima, Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa with 30 years of experience”.

*The sale within 90 days shall be subject to the following conditions

  • The periodicity of 90 days shall be deemed to commence on the day of signing the exclusive real estate brokerage contract. For this reason, the sales order shall be assigned solely and exclusively to BENNECKE Intercontinental S.L.
  • The term “sale” is understood to include the deposit of the earnest money. Therefore, the commitment to sell the property within 90 days will be deemed to be fulfilled with the delivery of the deposit by the buyer.
  • The sales price will be the price agreed between Bennecke and the owner in accordance with the average real estate market values in the area.
  • If after 90 days the commitment to sell has not been fulfilled, the seller shall be released from the exclusivity of the real estate brokerage contract.

Conditions reviewed by Devesa & Calvo Abogados